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Rendered out the next batch of backgrounds to work on; mostly the museum and a few others

finished rewatching shangri-la; it has its rough spots, but still a great show overall

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just about finished with these fast food interior backgrounds for

working on the current batch of backgrounds; here's a sample of a work in progress

after thinking about it for ages, finally starting a rewatch of Shangri-La

I'm just about done with the current batch of ~50 backgrounds for interiors in the shotengai; will then move on to a batch of other interiors (~25)

well, with Takagi-san S3 I've now seen 1700 anime shows/movies/ovas

It's so much fun making faux knock-off versions of real things

I don't do much with them, but Sasuga Studios has three mascot characters, anthropomorphized teruterubouzu themed for three weather patterns; sunny (Youko), rainy (Ameko), and cloudy (Kumoko).
See how the dolls are used for their hair ties.

I've been working on background art, just don't have anything in particular to say about it at present

MST3K is a lot of things, and it's also a great way to observe how (US) culture progressed throughout the course of the 90s by watching episodes from across its run

spent the last couple weeks cleaning up the linework on the backgrounds for the shopping district (36 images), gonna be another couple weeks working on their details

current backgrounds status; the beaches have shown me how I want to handle outside shots, now I'm going to run through a bunch of stores to figure out interior strategy

current backgrounds status; the two beaches, 14 images, are sitting at around 75% complete

I started on final production backgrounds for with the beach to experiment with how I want them to look

I could listen to Vincent Price say literally anything

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