i haven't been able to keep up with krkt lately...busy with work and traveling.
fear of missing content/context is a big reason i could never get into irc

@shino hopefully the katsu context feature becomes a reality, would be pretty dank for the home TL

@usashiki @bitmap a bot that sits in a channel and records all activity that happens while you're gone

@shino @bitmap well i mean like if you used an irc 2.0 like discord or slack history is a built in feature lol

@usashiki @shino that is true. also you get custom emoji which are nice

@shino @bitmap good feature
im always surprised people still use irc tbh but thats probably cause i dont use it myself

@usashiki @bitmap yeah but i hate slack for other reasons

discord is a really well built product but has always felt difficult to use for me. i guess it just hasn't clicked.

@usashiki @shino @bitmap better to love everything than to hate everything imo

@bitmap true...i suppose i never bothered since i didn't find a community

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