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first time i've really actively read and participated in the local timeline...maybe because it's about fonts



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フォントの中でFOT コメット Std Bが一番好き(笑)

i've been away for a weekend, but it is time to continue work on katsudon

almost responded なるほど to a coworker when she explained something to me and it's just one of those days, i guess

was "randomly selected" for additional screening today. my electronics were wiped down and scanned and that caused an alarm and then my bag was as well and that also caused an alarm. received a very thorough pat down and waited half an hour to get through. good thing my flight was delayed.

Hm...I don't think I have enough time tonight to write another feature. Probably replies would be next now that I've figured out some of their intricacies...

Well it's not that writing the functionality is hard but I spend forever on the interface elements

ah, seems you can reply to statuses without mentioning the users here, an important distinction from twitter


iPhone Simulatorの画面サイズは多くすぎ

it works with multiple images in theory but there aren't any multi-image katsus in my timeline

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It's starting to look more like a real app, minus the fact that you can't do anything. Progress for one weekend, I guess.

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