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my weakest qualities are:

- im mean to gargron and disagree with him a lot
- im cishet white man and am unequipped to speak for the sizable LGBTQIA+ population on mastodon that are the main catalyst for it's early growth and many of its best features (including most all of the anti-harassment ones)

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my qualifications are:

- showing up once or twice a month
- ive bullied gargron a lot in the past
- i also was a cofounder and ceo of a place iwth him
- i also replaced him on another site much to people's fanfare (then chagrin)
- i love you

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hi hello im momo and im here to announce my bid for mastodon project manager 2018

a vote for momo is a vote for momo

There’s a good answer kyary song John wick 3

Brightburn looks dumb as shit, I don’t wanna see it

Also related I see people censoring rape as r*or but that makes it difficult for people to filter the term

What’s the right way to go about this? Do I censor the word or just post it in the clear? Does censoring the word actually do anything for people?

Went to a different bar whose theme seems to be “the bartenders are rude”. They have TheChiveTV on half their screens and the bartender made a r*pe joke within 5 min of me sitting at the bar, so you can totally tell what their demographic is

If you give me a $25 budget to pay for the entire days food I’m def just gonna blow it on booze since I’ll be buying my own food anyways

This movie theater in the mall of America is odd. The ticket was $5 for an 8:50 showing, but a single drink set me back $15

But hey total is under $25 so company is paying ayyyy

Then stay up overnight to be at the airport at 5:30am lol

Gonna visit the Mall of America today since I’ve never been and will likely never get another chance to check it out

Might see John Wick 2

hey whats your fav switch game that isnt first party

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