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new year new momo

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my weakest qualities are:

- im mean to gargron and disagree with him a lot
- im cishet white man and am unequipped to speak for the sizable LGBTQIA+ population on mastodon that are the main catalyst for it's early growth and many of its best features (including most all of the anti-harassment ones)

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my qualifications are:

- showing up once or twice a month
- ive bullied gargron a lot in the past
- i also was a cofounder and ceo of a place iwth him
- i also replaced him on another site much to people's fanfare (then chagrin)
- i love you

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hi hello im momo and im here to announce my bid for mastodon project manager 2018

a vote for momo is a vote for momo

Who was it that I knew that used KeyholeTV in like 2007-2009ish

looking up 6pin phone cables on amazon and i think i found a winner

yeah that's gonna be a hard pass from me, youtube

When you already came but your partner asks if you can go for another round

i sure hope i can make it past skypiea orwhatever the hell it's called

the last 3 times i tried reading OP, I got stuck there

Seeing this page (specifically the crytalking in the first panel) forcibly dragged me back to reading this chapter in the English Monthly Shonen Jump magazine in like 2007 ww

i walked out into the livingroom and my roommate has put together a "watch jojo part 5" party????

and are distressing over our generation taking over and the possibility of someone saying ">implying" on c-span

this image brought to you by the livewatch group talking about why aoc's reliability works while it doesnt work with other congress-members because she has brainworms

i bet she has a zip-up bottle koozie

hi im elizabeth warren and i hold my beer like a cop

unfortunately im am dumb ass so that's about as smart as i can sound on the subject

if anyone has links to something that discusses it i'd love to read it =w=

i wish i could put into words the unique sense of pervasive dread that fills Inio Asano's works, and how DeadDeadDemon's version of that dread feels a lot more sinister and insurmountable, inescapable