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my weakest qualities are:

- im mean to gargron and disagree with him a lot
- im cishet white man and am unequipped to speak for the sizable LGBTQIA+ population on mastodon that are the main catalyst for it's early growth and many of its best features (including most all of the anti-harassment ones)

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my qualifications are:

- showing up once or twice a month
- ive bullied gargron a lot in the past
- i also was a cofounder and ceo of a place iwth him
- i also replaced him on another site much to people's fanfare (then chagrin)
- i love you

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hi hello im momo and im here to announce my bid for mastodon project manager 2018

a vote for momo is a vote for momo

put dildos on the end of my robot arms

call me doc cock

Annabelle (my roommate’s daughter) made this for me while I was gone and slipped it under my door 😭😭😭😭😭

i could have sworn it was Spike Spencer in the commentary but it seems to be Amanda Winn Lee (Rei), her husband Jason C. Lee (Aoba), and Taliesin Jaffe (bit parts like "JSDF Soldier")

it had a bad rap in the eva fandom and was even called the "commentary of evil" because it didn't feed into the content of the film and was more glib and talking about anime dub production and their pet theories but man did i enjoy it

one of the few commentary tracks i enjoyed

listen to this great snippet from the End of Eva commentary track

also love rei's va (i think??) saying "the handful of baby batter"

i will never accept anyone other than spike spencer as shinji

reliving my highschool years by watching pokemon and guilting myself into cleaning my room on a saturday night

Thank God for autocorrect saving my dumb ass

I wonder how much h that is in imperial

Like 4 shots?? 10oz-ish???

I’m kinda buzzed, had 4 50ml bottles of whiskey with my coke, lady only charged me for two tho probably because of the delays or something.

Made a friend too

Two hour delay so far, spending my time listening to a kid throw a temper tantrum over having to sit in his mom’s lap with outbursts like “THIS IS WHY DADDY LEFT”

I place my pizza in face-down defensive position and end my turn

Does smacking someone with their used condom violate the Geneva Convention?

almost as if the low hanging fruit of Dobby cum sock would be picked by many

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