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my weakest qualities are:

- im mean to gargron and disagree with him a lot
- im cishet white man and am unequipped to speak for the sizable LGBTQIA+ population on mastodon that are the main catalyst for it's early growth and many of its best features (including most all of the anti-harassment ones)

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my qualifications are:

- showing up once or twice a month
- ive bullied gargron a lot in the past
- i also was a cofounder and ceo of a place iwth him
- i also replaced him on another site much to people's fanfare (then chagrin)
- i love you

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hi hello im momo and im here to announce my bid for mastodon project manager 2018

a vote for momo is a vote for momo

I’ve never seen such a coordinated rejection of someone’s take

if you were to make the perfect show for 19yo momo, it'd be an isekai where "brb gensokyo" actually took you to gensokyo

o wait we're not getting hit w/ Hurricane Barry? Stay safe, Louisiana friends

just realized that 3 of my favs are all directed by the same person

i love the concept of the switch light, i'm glad they're making it, but i dont understand one thing

you have the ability to connect joycons and remotes to the switch lite, but you have no kickstand or dock support. is Player 2 supposed to watch over your shoulder?

and like, if i am in a conversation with someone and need to differentiate between Super Mario, New Super Mario, and Super Mario 3D, i'll just say "super mario on <platform>"

it doesnt come up that often where you'd need to specify tho

like the context that informed the use of these meta-titles (ie "well this is the DS entry in our series and we gotta differentiate them SOMEHOW so let's call it Digimon World DS") will erode much more quickly than the replayability of these games will

does anyone hate when some format or platform information is used in the title of media?

like games on the 3DS including "3D" in their names, or sequels to series that have "new" in their names

i love the idea of goemon getting his samurai powers via nofap, but i love the idea of lupin explaining nofap to a confused jigen even more

and it's not as if it's all jacked up because there are no buyers to inform the prices. There's plenty of people selling mats and my leathers end up sold within the day with me undercutting the lowest priced 99stack by about 5%

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