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my weakest qualities are:

- im mean to gargron and disagree with him a lot
- im cishet white man and am unequipped to speak for the sizable LGBTQIA+ population on mastodon that are the main catalyst for it's early growth and many of its best features (including most all of the anti-harassment ones)

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my qualifications are:

- showing up once or twice a month
- ive bullied gargron a lot in the past
- i also was a cofounder and ceo of a place iwth him
- i also replaced him on another site much to people's fanfare (then chagrin)
- i love you

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hi hello im momo and im here to announce my bid for mastodon project manager 2018

a vote for momo is a vote for momo

this is not to be pedantic like "durrr you're calling fondant cake"

this is to say "fondant has no place on cake, and we should get rid of the root cause of the cake deception"

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i'd like to the cake conversation

fondant isn't cake, it's stuff that you can wrap a cake in to make it look like some other thing, but no matter what it's still fondant

it is deceptive and tastes like ass and instead of wondering "what's cake" we should be eradicating fondant

3 years later i still get likes/RTs on my 2second response to a mildly viral post

how are y'all still finding that post

otherwise it is an unfinished game, and really shitty in some ways (how it treats Quiet, Paz)!!

But if you just want some good as core gameplay, MGSV is your game

Hell, play Ground Zeroes and get a very replayable condensed version of the game's strategic possibilities

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Metal Gear Solid V has the best stealth gameplay of this generation!! All the systems click together to make mission fun. A million options and dropped into a playground with them, all leading to very different playstyles!

It's great!!

images were sourced from my 3 years of screenshots folders, tho i only got back about 6 months. I know there's more gold in there somewhere

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inspirations were that one bad steam layouts twitter account, and jeff gerstman's layout

I don't think I've quite nailed the vibe I'm going for but i'm getting there

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i think version 2 will have at least one King of the Hill pic

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