That i☆Ris part of the concert was amazing! Also very brief meeting with @bitmap and @lae ! And again also, very great fanbook with art from @cheshii ! Plus a random meeting with Miyu-tan and Zucchan! Whoa!

@Akatsukin yeah my friend was handing these out!!! i couldnt go but the best i could do was provide the art for his callbooks ;__; I'm glad you got one!!!!!!!

@cheshii Was it Yume? She told me about her combo with Tako too, and now I've got both their cards from opposite ends of the country

@Akatsukin No actually!!! it was my friend Jou (joukazu on twitter), he went to AX in my place and was the one that made these callbooks, ough but yume and tako had a good banner too 😭

@cheshii Oh, Sophy! Yeah, he was cool, much like everyone there

@cheshii @Akatsukin yeah he's the one that handed me the booklet

I gave it back to him because I wasn't going to the concert but maybe I should've?? idk lol

@sonotoridesu @Akatsukin @cheshii ᵗᶦⁿʸ ʰᵃᵗ ʲᵒᵘ

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