@no was imagining a no fly zone but gokus instead of planes

@sonotoridesu also your instance seems to be like the only one properly federating with mine atm lmao i have to figure out what i fucked up

kirakiratter Follow

@no looks like you started yours a few hours ago so it'll probably take some more time

also you should probably find a list of nazi/alt-right instances and block those because that's a thing

@no nice

our admin didn't block any until it got really bad with random nazi randos @ ing people here

@sonotoridesu lol i mean this is likely just gonna be me & a handful of friends using for the goofy name

@no ah

that's a bit awkward for interacting with preferred instances since you'll only have direct follow and federated tl and federated tl is sort of a dumpster fire overall

mastodon is closer to a forum replacement than a twitter replacement with most relevant activity (to you) happening on the local tl

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