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the closest kinokuniya to me has precure stuff

I bought a precure book from them once and the person at the register glared at me and just looked really disgusted

walf play chain of memories on an emu it's pretty decent

rice + beans + hot sauce + veggies for maximum money saving


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ここはMastodonですが「トゥート!」が「カツ!」に、また象ではなくうさぎがいます。 このサーバーに参加するのにアイカツ!のファンである必要はありませんが、kirakiratterにいるほとんどのユーザーはアイカツ!ファンです。

詳しくは こちら。また、wikiがあります。

It's Mastodon but "toot" is "katsu" and also there's a rabbit. Please note that this instance is primarily for Aikatsu fans!

See the extended info page for more details.