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Post on HN on a Haskell topic warning people away from Haskell because it doesn't have a central authority to enforce CoCs or something like that. You couldn't have made a better advertisement for me. :P

I need to grind out 27 tiers in Fortnite this weekend

Messing around with emacs, not sure yet if it's worth switching to

I'm getting pretty burnt out on Blade Strangers. The only people who play online now are the people who win big fighting game tournaments. It's really not fun losing every single game by huge margins.

Switch download faster please, I just wanna play some fortnite

All I've done this weekend is play Blade Strangers

Yes I'm bad at fortnite

Just got my first solo victory royale!

I decided to try out ranked mode and got paired with the current number 1 player on Switch

Online is so dead on Blade Strangers switch

Please buy Blade Strangers, it's very fun

Gekijouban Macross Delta Gekijou no Walkure is out apparently

I really need to force myself to read Japanese more often

I started reading 君の名は on my paperwhite

Is it weird to ship Mio x Pen-sama?

Catching up on Friends again

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