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spoon @spoon@kirakiratter.com

We got a lot of snow here

I forgot how relaxing it is to work from home

So I'm top 100 in my state in Puyo Tetris now, not that that's hard to do at all

Will I ever be good at Puyo Puyo?

My sleep schedule is all messed up now

I kinda want to get back into puyo

7, 8, and R&F are my favorite Mega Man games

Just beat Mega Man 11, it was a decent game but didn't quite have the same charm as the old games

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Implementing tab completion is trickier than I thought it would be

Planning to actually work on my shell this weekend and get my text editor to a beta release

The new fortnite update is awesome

My shell's compiled executable is only 10kb so far. I still have a lot of features I want to add (e.g. tab completions) but it's actually functional.

I'm writing my own shell because why not

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I have three Switch friends playing fortnite right now but the game insists they aren't online

Weird, fortnite doesn't show online friends as online

Just got my 5th PR for hacktoberfest, shirt incoming!

Well "working on" is a bit of a relative term

With hacktoberfest right around the corner I think I might finally start seriously promoting a wine project I've been working on