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spoon @spoon@kirakiratter.com

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Kindle Paperwhite purchased!

I need to stop doing that

Man I did absolutely nothing this weekend

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There's a froggo on my window

The stills in this video are giving me weird nostalgia for the Stars uniforms. I wasn't super into them but now I kinda miss them

I retract last night's toot, Captain Toad is amazing and highly addictive once you get past the first 20 or so levels

Captain Toad is fun but it's one of those games I can only play a few levels at a time

Oh fortnite is back up

Man the battle pass isn't up yet on switch

Oh man that Ragnarok skin looks awesome

Man the fortnite update really could not download any slower

New MacBook Pro updates seem pretty nice, it'd be good to have 32gb of ram

Pretty happy to hear gyro aiming is now a thing

To those of you who have written streaming clients: how do you handle deleted toots? A library I'm looking at right now crashes when passing back a data object for the delete action. I don't see the point in doing this since it doesn't make sense to retroactively remove a toot that has appeared in the user's stream, especially in the context of a CLI application. Am I crazy?

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