Capsule hotel was a bit noisy but I got some sleep. Back to Kyoto I go. Maybe I'll visit Osaka today.

I don't like the drink ticket thing. A "drink" for 600¥ is ?????? Why aren't the tickets more expensive, it just seems like a trick to make the tickets seem cheaper...

Maybe I should go to Dearstage next week when I'm back in Tokyo, but I'm not sure I'll get much out of it not knowing Japanese well...

I wonder if there are any other lives I can go to while I'm in Japan. I don't want to inconvenience my friends if they're out the way, but if they're nearby I'd like to go to more.

Now to get some food and go to the capsule hotel (maybe via the arcade in Akihabara)

Mia Regina night performance had a much better view, and more of my favourite songs (but not my most favourite of course). I'm glad I went to the night performance too.

Not sure if this is a better view or not. We'll find out soon...

I only bought tickets for the afternoon performance before I came to Japan because I didn't have a place to stay in Tokyo for tonight (only kyoto). Now I want to go to night performance too if I can get a ticket...

There are tickets left for the night performance of Mia REGINA. I will try to get one. They didn't perform my favourite song in the afternoon performance but it was a great show

‪Mia REGINA live was so great! That's a FACT!!! ‬

Good morning. I have left my sister and partner in Kyoto as I'm heading back to Tokyo for the Mia REGINA live this afternoon. I've booked a capsule hotel for tonight so I don't need to rush home and can play in arcadesb or go to Mogra (maybe, it sorta scares me a bit).

Googleは関西弁を理解していません 😂

"おいでませ関西!" means Welcome to Kansai

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