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I've updated ✨ to be on github now! Install instructions are present in the github (in JP soon too by sumire-chan (@sumire)):

I've also updated to v7.2, minor changes.

You can find us on as well for easy install on browser:

I will still be updating the old pastebin as well, just in case people find my old katsus.

120 x 120 icon resolution though, yuck

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upscaler for older systems, working on getting PS2 stuff to properly scale to monitor size

yes, an entire case of shochu

for making what has been dubbed as "wrong zero"

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@walfie I did not see anything written anywhere, is there an enforced limit to file sizes in the case of photo/video?

Might be an Amaroq thing, but there's no way to record video in the client and upload, probably for the best maybe

photo limit is still@4 but ayeeeee multiple GIFs is nice

will refrain from spamming too much though

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