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LINE stickers volume 2 are here!!


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LINE stickers have been approved!


え、paypayキャンペーンが3月まで 🤔

watched 2 more episodes of Aikatsu Friends. slowly catching up!! just 6 more to go

ate a burger today and I feel incredibly greasy

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Drawing on this new phone feels different. the new screen protector seems smoother and there is less friction, so I am not used to it

now I am only 8 episodes behind on Aikatsu Friends

there's so much single-player content in smash bros, dang

so many of the fights in smash bros adventure mode are made incredibly easy when you equip the weapon that shoots tornados

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桜庭ローラァ 私にしてはお顔わりと可愛くかけたかと……?