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I want to make another app but I don't have an idea for one yet, hmm


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Girls be ambitious!涙が出るほど好き

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I'm glad more people are trying Mastodon, but I never personally recommend Kirakiratter to non-Aikatsu fans because people who are just looking for a Twitter replacement can easily find that on any Mastodon instance.

For smaller instances like this, the community is what makes it special, and I think you're really missing out if you're not here for the local timeline experience (i.e., it's like one big chatroom where everyone communicates via the LTL, which is very different from Twitter)

If an Apple developer account was a one-time fee of $100, I'd probably consider it. $100 a year is too much.

Anyway, writing an app doesn't seem so hard anymore. Thanks Flutter, that was a pleasant experience. Now I kinda want to write another app


I see Chrome renamed "Kill page" to "Exit page" for the button that shows up when a page is unresponsive

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