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LINE stickers volume 2 are here!!

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LINE stickers have been approved!

Now even more glad I'm not on-call, given the AWS issues this morning

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tomorrow is a half day at work meaning absolutely no work will be done

I thought I was on-call over Thanksgiving break but actually it's the week after, so that's nice

or maybe it got messed up when I reinstalled nix after upgrading to macOS Catalina, hmm. But it has history from last week

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Ohhhh noooo my ~/.bash_history file on my work computer was truncated, presumably because I recently hit the max number of lines set by HISTFILESIZE or whatever.

I set it to a very high number but I guess I finally hit it. Dang, that's like 5 years of useful history

aw man, listened to good music before bed and now I feel like it's gonna be hard to fall asleep because it'll be stuck in my head

and then followed by a month of no one doing real work because it's December

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looking forward to short work week next week, woooooo 2.5 days and then Thanksgiving break

time to upgrade my work laptop to macOS catalina. surely nothing will go wrong

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