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bought puyo tetris but probably won't have much time to play it until Sunday

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@halcy the high cost of being fashionable...

@as4kla nice!! I'll buy Puyo this weekend then

@halcy oh I'm not on 2.0 yet, so our theme setup is incredibly non-standard

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おめでとう🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 kirakiratter.com/media/0oYEOsT

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Played some more Splatoon single-player to try to unlock a hero weapon, and now I have a slight headache

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aw man I wanted to play Splatoon but now there's maintenance

the karaoke place does have WiFi now, so maybe!


hmm almost all the anime I'm watching this season airs on the weekend, so there's not much to watch on weekdays