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LINE stickers volume 2 are here!!

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LINE stickers have been approved!

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Woah Pokemon pinball was 20 years ago....

Ok I was kidding but after reading the thread I have learned that he actually mentions blockchain

Jack: An open and decentralized standard for social media....... but, get this.... with blockchain

Well, it's laggy when I'm using it through Sidecar for some reason. Same as when I tried using it in Parallels in coherence mode. Dang

it works........ I can finally run legacy 32-bit macromedia flash pro 8 again, and not in a virtual machine this time

yoooooooo crossover mac with catalina support is out, time to try it. there's a 40% off sale until next week so I have time to try the trial

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building teams in world flipper is surprisingly fun, although it costs so much materials to level up skill trees.. (and it's not the kind of materials you can buy with real money)

the pain of waiting for the rust async ecosystem to stabilize....

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