ok cool, looks like I can reach tier 97 before season 4 ends, since I only have 4 more stars needed to tier up, so tomorrow's daily challenge will be enough (and thankfully the season ends at 4am ET on the 12th, so I'll have exactly enough time). Hopefully it's not an impossible challenge, on the reroll either.

Also found out the Omega mask is unlocked at level 55 instead of 65 (which was a typo), so I'll have that when I get to tier 100. woooo, successful season completed in like 2.5 weeks

kirakiratter Follow

also hoping they roll out gyro aiming on Switch when season 5 hits. that would be a good time to add it, to convince some people to get battle passes

@walfie I'm actually finally starting to get used to joystick aiming, but gyro would be great

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