had internet service for a year now, so the rates have gone up. called the retention department saying I wanted to cancel and switch to verizon since it was cheaper, and the customer service lady was surprisingly nonchalant about it and not attempting to convince me to stay

only after I said to schedule a specific date to disconnect service did she say "ok, I'll schedule the cutoff date" and then wait a few seconds and say "actually I can offer you a special promotion" as I expected

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the new plan is apparently $1/month more than what I was paying before, and will stay that way for 2 years, which is good enough for me. I didn't intend to actually switch back to Verizon, but if they didn't have a decent offer I totally would've just switched

@walfie no, but it does at our sister company has it at their office.

In toronto since I'm in a new development Bell has 2Gbp/s up/down for 94$CAD/mo

@MasterDalK oh dang. I have no need for such high speeds, but I guess for an office that makes sense

@walfie oh the 2gbp/s is at our house (we have 6 people though)

and all our networking gear at my house is 1gig networking, so we literally never saturate but next step down was half a gig

@MasterDalK oh yeah I guess with 6 people who use the internet extensively, that also makes sense

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