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walfie @walfie

So far I have three Switch games I want: Zelda, Splatoon 2, and Puyo Puyo Tetris. I'm not sure which I should get first

@walfie Zelda, easily. It's one of the best games I've ever played, period. It helps that it's absolutely gorgeous.

@ouzobat yeah definitely, it seems like the one with the most content by far. my concern is mostly that.. it's so much content that it's much more of a time investment and I'll just be playing it non-stop. The other games are kinda like, you can just play a few quick rounds if you want

@maloki oh yeah, I've heard good things about it. but I feel that's the kind of game I could just play on PC if I really wanted to

@walfie yes, but with the switch you could play it in bed!

@walfie You could get the switch with splatoon 2 and get the callie and marie colored joycon, but it's a walmart exclusive.

@KurebayashiJuri Walmarts don't even exist in NYC..... well probably the Nintendo store has them

@walfie I think you can get them online too? They're suprisingly easy to find right now but once they're gone they're gone. I was lucky enough to grab one in store to toss in layway.

@KurebayashiJuri I do kinda prefer less brightly colored controllers though, I'll probably just get the black version

@polyplacophora I'm kinda leaning towards that, since I know so many people who play it...

@walfie I don't have a Switch, but I'm pretty excited about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. ^^

hmm a good point about getting the multiplayer games first.. it's better to play them now, while the communities are more active. Zelda will still be good if I start like 3 years from now, but the same might not be true of games where the focus is multiplayer

not that I plan on waiting 3 years to get it, though

@walfie me and my kids have been playing "breath of the wild" for a few weeks now and it's excellent imho.

@david_pasquinelli it definitely seems like the game with the most content!

@walfie PuyoPuyo Tetris is good and if you plan to get strong, go for it now. Splatoon 2 is fun though it might be better if you have a team. Zelda is good but nothing urge you to get it right now.

@Hakkai I seem to know a lot of people who play Splatoon, so it seems like a solid choice for me. Though Puyo is also cheaper than the others so I might just get both that and Splatoon

@walfie Puyo Puyo Tetris is really good and a fun local partygame!

@K1 it is! even the demo is good. my friends and I sat around playing the demo for like 4 hours one day