I feel like I'll probably end up going to Japan in December again, like last year

@walfie maybe if i... have a job and enough saved up by then......

@walfie @bitmap that actually sounds like a lot of fun! We could even include japanese users too and just have one big kirakiratter offkai!!

@MasterDalK @walfie yeah but then i'll be the only one from the NA end sakekatsu-ing.....

@MasterDalK @bitmap oh yeah of course. near the end of December there's Comiket and New Years and a lot of people are usually available

@Akatsukin @MasterDalK @bitmap it's possible!! though I don't drink, I can watch as everyone else sakekatsus

@bitmap @walfie save up and come for ML5th and see itou miku

@walfie aaashitaaaa eeeeeeeeeeee



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