really hate how spotify's ads are significantly louder than all the songs

suddenly not feeling the motivation to draw, once again 🤔

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落書き投げ忘れてた 舞花ちゃん

me, just now: no, I don't remember this at all
me: looks it up
me: I remember this

World Calling (the vocaloid song) came up randomly on spotify and dang this is really taking me back to the early 2010s

Oh dang it's 95F outside. Good thing I have air conditioning

I think the most heartwarming thing is when he, as someone who doesn't know videogames, but is very experienced in ragtime music:

- sightreads K.K. Ragtime (from Animal Crossing) for a video, comments "oh that's cute!"
- later memorizes it, plays it on his own volition
- gets his ragtime band to play it too, even at live events, several times over the years

there's at least 5 videos of him playing it in various forms, years apart, and it's great

been watching Tom Brier's ragtime piano improv videos for the past few hours. I remember some of them from years ago. what a legend

though it's sad watching these videos knowing he was in a car accident a few years ago and is not in a condition where he can play anymore..

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back at it again, watching street musicians on youtube

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