Prices have not gone down, but I just realized I have enough American Airlines miles to cover a one-way flight, so actually it's not too bad

was going to book plane tickets today since nonstop flight prices haven't really gone down at all for months now, but I got to the seat selection screen and almost all the seats are still open.

it's only like a month away, they've barely sold any seats, and still aren't lowering the prices. might as well just wait until tomorrow, I guess. I have heard Tuesdays are a good time to buy (that hasn't actually been true the past few weeks, but who knows)

if I was an end user I would simply consume json

@kaeyuri @Akatsukin my first thought on seeing the image was also that I can't read the candles


basically finished the server-side part of wf-raidfinder, including fcm push notifications. but the next thing to work on is the entire frontend site and I'm just like, dang I don't really feel like doing this

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finally got around to watching episode 15, it was a very fun episode

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