@MasterDalK I am almost certainly not doing mountain climbers correctly though

@MasterDalK even after all these months I still can't tell if I'm really doing the planks correctly

I also tried switching Ring's voice to the female version since I guess that's an option now (as of many months ago), and it sounds really weird. I'll try setting it to the Japanese version tomorrow. I wish there was a random option

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@MasterDalK oh yeah I was like "what the heck I have to do 50 of these now?" at some of them

me, in quick play mode: yeah I can do all these squats, it's so easy now

me, returning to adventure mode after 3 months: nevermind, I was wrong

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@MasterDalK oh dang, I didn't feel like 27 and 28 were that different when I did the jump. I'll probably go back down to 27 tomorrow and see if it actually is easier

for the past like 3 months for ring fit adventure, I've just been doing the quick-play sets instead of the main adventure (new game+).

it didn't feel like it was that much easier, but today I went back to adventure mode, and holy heck, difficulty level 28 is hard. how was I able to do this so easily back then

wrote some lua today for the first time, had to do some nginx rewrites that were too messy to do in plain nginx

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@halcy I could..... but then I'd need to get a case/cover of some sort since I have a fear of sticker placement regret (the stickers on my laptop were actually on a cover)

Speaking of stickers, here is the final state of stickers on my laptop, now that I have replaced it with a Mac mini and will not be using it anymore

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i'm drawing mikuru for her birthday! ⭐ (i'm late 😭 )

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