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current status of LINE stickers: animated lineart done, now for cleanup and coloring

I didn't know half-popped popcorn was a thing, but it is good. There is half-popped Sriracha popcorn in our snack dispenser at work today and I like it

I only have 2 more LINE stickers left to animate the lineart for!! 🔜

oh I should catch up on aikatsu friends

@bitmap @MasterDalK there is a meat pie place that caters at our office sometimes and its kale salads are very good. I guess I'm just used to the texture of romaine for this specific salad that I always get

I got kale for my salad today instead of the usual romaine. I'm not used to the texture and it takes so much longer to chew. I will not do that again.

Anyway, also ate a bag of chips afterward, with the justification being that I ate a salad. Which probably defeats the purpose of getting the salad in the first place

Animating stickers at a consistent rate of 3 per day so far. Only 6 left, then gotta do some cleanup and coloring