@KurebayashiJuri yeah I guess instead of capturing pokemon you gather materials. then you can build stuff with your materials in the AR mode (which I haven't really done yet). some of the locations are also adventures? like caves with enemies and treasure but I also haven't done that yet

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Ohh, Minecraft earth early access is available

@MasterDalK oh dang. There was a possibility of snow here but it was rain instead

Spent half an hour selecting and uploading my food pics to yelp

A thing I miss about old aikatsu that isn't present as much in the newer stuff is during performances when they'd have one-off things like ichigo falling or that one episode where they had to do special appeals on cue

Possibly because now the CG quality is much higher and it's harder to render stuff like that just for a one-off episode, maybe

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increased ring fit difficulty by 1 today and it felt so much more difficult. not sure if it was mostly due to that, or just that the specific stages I played today were inherently harder

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