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I don't really follow vtuber content so I had no idea until now that there was a whole kizuna ai controversy happening, where the original person is being replaced. dang, that's something

oh no the weekend is almost over already

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found out there's an API to find public landscape webcams by lat/long (

considering rewriting the oozora weather bot... maybe when rust async/await is finally stabilized

it's cool listening to Japanese songs and recognizing grammar points I've learned recently. I'm almost at the end of N3 lessons

not really a fan of how almost every site has support via live chat only now, and removed the options for email or long-form text input

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Saw a headline and misread "looters" as "lobsters"

I gotta stop drawing guidelines and then not really using them

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ここはMastodonですが「トゥート!」が「カツ!」に、また象ではなくうさぎがいます。 このサーバーに参加するのにアイカツ!のファンである必要はありませんが、kirakiratterにいるほとんどのユーザーはアイカツ!ファンです。

詳しくは こちら。また、wikiがあります。

It's Mastodon but "toot" is "katsu" and also there's a rabbit. Please note that this instance is primarily for Aikatsu fans!

See the extended info page for more details.