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Wikipedia's donation request email subjects are so threatening. Just got one with "(insert name) - I've had enough"

the only coworker who understands how this part of the system works is not picking up his phone, even though he's secondary on-call, so I'm kinda just guessing at this point

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I'm on call for literally one day because my coworker is on vacation, and today just had to be the day there's an alert at midnight

I have watched the episode where I Believe performs together again, and I think after this and the previous episode, Alicia might be my favorite Aikatsu Friends character

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really weird seeing the amount of people replying to the terry announcement tweet who have no idea who he is

glad I did not miss the entire nintendo direct (got home and turned on the stream just as Terry was on screen)

I have finally decided to watch GYARI's 20+ minute vocaloids making various sounds music videos and they are great

It's amazing how off your linework can be, and still look decent as long as you shade the planes properly. This whole time I was wondering why when I watch videos of people drawing, when they do the linework, it looks off but the end result still looks good. It's the shading!!!!!!! And line weight

now I am only 3 episodes behind on aikatsu friends

I do not have the patience required to make nice lineart

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