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Time passes by too quickly when I actually have things to program

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Powax2Puri! Shion doesn't have a Season 1 stage coord so I designed her one

kept wondering why the http-signatures spec I was reading doesn't seem to correspond with what mastodon is using. turns out I was reading draft 11 instead of draft 10

activitypub is actually much less complex than I expected

Really don't like how all the gallery apps on my phone say "rotate left/right" instead of clockwise and counterclockwise

Learning grammar has gotten much harder now that I'm learning a billion different ways to say the same thing (or very similar with slight nuance differences that I cannot remember)

just really don't like how `ring` (the rust crypto library) always has version conflicts

didn't really do much work today, just kinda read about activitypub and started writing a simple example backend to see if I can get federation working

A few days ago I was drawing on paper and attempted to do a pinch-to-zoom gesture

me, upon seeing the chocomint ice video in my youtube recommendations the first time each day: well ok I guess I'll watch it again

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ここはMastodonですが「トゥート!」が「カツ!」に、また象ではなくうさぎがいます。 このサーバーに参加するのにアイカツ!のファンである必要はありませんが、kirakiratterにいるほとんどのユーザーはアイカツ!ファンです。

詳しくは こちら。また、wikiがあります。

It's Mastodon but "toot" is "katsu" and also there's a rabbit. Please note that this instance is primarily for Aikatsu fans!

See the extended info page for more details.