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I feel like the real boss battles in ring fit adventure are the optional quests where you have to defeat a battle gym using only arm skills. it's like 15-20 active minutes of battle. my arms are so sore

then I started rerolling accounts to get some good 5-star characters to start with. at the end of the day I installed it on my old phone too, to be able to reroll twice in parallel (though I only rolled once before going to sleep).

this morning, did one roll on each phone and the first one had three 5-star characters, so I guess I'm done. now I can actually play pinball

I like that they made it easy to reroll accounts though, without needing to delete and reinstall everything

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downloaded the cygames pinball game yesterday and wow I can actually read and understand the story dialogue (however slowly)

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アイカツフレンズ! エピソード5で絵を描いたことがないことに気づいたので、今日描いた。 75のエピソード画像がすべて完成しました。🎉

今週は描く時間があまりありませんでした。 できるだけ早くいくつかの図面に追いつくようにします。🐰

I never drew a friends ep 5 episode so I drew one quickly today, so now all 75 eps are completed

didn't have much time to draw this week due to personal life, will try to catch up asap (probably starting saturday night)

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I didn't realize that tokyo 7th sisters songs are also on US spotify

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There's like 3 people in the office today

wonder what I should do with my extra time tomorrow after leaving work. maybe I should explore the other half of central park, but it looks like it's gonna rain later in the day? hmm

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