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cuelang seems cool, might use this for Kubernetes configs

When will nonstop flights not be so expensive

World Flipper had a lot of potential but they're not adding enough new content fast enough to keep people interested... and the content they do add usually gets finished in like an hour. I'm not sure what they can really do at this point.

Well I'm still gonna finish working on this raidfinder for it, even if the playerbase keeps declining

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プレミアムバンダイ アイカツ!シリーズに更新あり。
Lucrea(ルクリア) アイカツ! 星宮いちご&大空あかり コスモスVer. セット 【購入特典付】
Lucrea(ルクリア) アイカツ! 大空あかり コスモス Ver.
Lucrea(ルクリア) アイカツ! 星宮いちご コスモス Ver.

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Did a lot of refactoring code today. Good progress

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