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finally watched aikatsu on parade ep23 and was not expecting that performance

aw man, the hairstyle I usually use in animal crossing doesn't seem to be available. the low twintails one

oh I forgot to watch last week's aikatsu episode

Now that I'm working from home, I don't have a commute where I would normally be dedicated to doing wanikani/Bunpro reviews... or playing animal crossing. I guess I could also wake up an hour earlier to do those things, but nah

20 Switch friends online. That's the most I've ever seen

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ネクタイ みくる

Inconsolata is one letter too long for an Animal Crossing island name, so maybe I'll go with Consolas

WAIT what the heck, only today did I find out that my favorite programming font, Inconsolata, was made by Raph Levien, who is very known in the Rust community. For working on font rendering software.

It all makes sense. Rust didn't exist when I started using the font so I would not have made the connection

it feels like tomorrow should not be a work day. It's animal crossing's eve today

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github just showed me a notification from 3 years ago?? for my own commit

ah heck I forgot I still haven't decided on an island name for animal crossing... uhhhhh

I have finished making the Animal Crossing Tune Maker

(image export might not work in iOS)

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