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Oh I was awake for the big Unix timestamp milestone

having a javascript repo on github just means you get constant dependabot version bump PRs for transitive dependencies every few days due to vulnerabilities, huh

I have vacuumed again. having a cordless vacuum truly is life changing

anyway I have a dyson cordless vacuum now and this is amazing

UPS delivered a large package very stealthily this morning. Didn't ring the doorbell or anything. I also didn't hear the truck approaching, or the front gate opening

figured out how to stream from my iPad to OBS, by setting up an nginx RTMP proxy

dang I wish I had kept a log of all the changes I had to make in Parallels last time I tried it, because I totally don't remember how to get Flash 8 to work well in sidecar. it keeps doing this weird scrolling/panning thing when I use the pen

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