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doing pretty ok with charger in turf war but maybe because it's matching me with people who aren't very good yet

oh right I need to be level 10 for ranked. I guess I'll start the grind

@MasterDalK maybe if I'd chosen the spicy version it would have been non-sweet

kinda want to practice playing chargers in splatoon but they're only really good in ranked. and at my rank I'd get destroyed. maybe I'll make a separate account

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@MasterDalK oh the curry mostly. I forgot what exactly I got, but it was mutton and a somewhat creamy orange-colored curry

@MasterDalK the one time I tried it, it was unexpectedly sweet

Sunday Monday Chu-Chu-Tuesday

That timetree link has expired

I wonder if the Lilienne replacement stickers shipment will get here before the original shipment