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@Penpen yeah I'm glad the Switch seems to be picking up a lot of good indie games, I'm just waiting for Celeste to go on sale at some point

Ahh, Enter the Gungeon is finally on sale in the Switch eShop. I already got it 2 weeks ago after giving up on waiting for a sale.. Oh well it's only $3.75 less now

it snowed a lot this morning but it didn't stick, which is nice

It's snowing again... ☃️


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I like the aesthetic of the Dream Balloon remix

@cheshii youtube.com/watch?v=Dm0bGASd2u well I dunno if crossfade is the right term but the preview

based on the crossfade, I like the second half of the anion aikatsu remix album much more than the first half

It's already 10pm somehow

I wonder how long it'll take for me to get used to the hour of change in time between here and Japan caused by daylight saving

it's 6:25pm and the sun is still out and it's great

Woah now that daylight saving happened, おオ時間 isn't at 2PM ET anymore, it's at 3PM