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Oh I didn't realize Twidere supports Mastodon now in the non-beta version! Time to try it

I'm kinda late on this since I haven't been using twitter much lately, but dang, twitter tracks a lot of personal information. I'm not really surprised, but still. I didn't expect it to gather a list of apps on your device though

@kia ありがとうございます!!私、頑張ります!

the fact that there exists a ranyuri-only event amazes me, because of how specific it is. I wonder how many people attend

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Thank you for Walf

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冷ましながら 唱えるの

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@ozorotter groups of people casually drinking alcohol at work seems like a common thing at the tech companies I've worked at, at least

@MasterDalK no one knows where the wine came from

Definitely feels like Friday. Coworkers are sitting around drinking wine

@unarist @Gargron if you expand the details for the first commit in this PR, it links to the original commit from 'pixiv/mastodon'

@unarist @Gargron probably the devs at pixiv would be better equipped to answer (alpaca_tc at pawoo was the one who originally implemented it, I think). The version we have on kirakiratter is cherry-picked from the pawoo implementation