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This Apple event is incredibly underwhelming

Thankfully it would all be traits and serialization, and defining any actual async stuff (which is currently still a mess in rust) would be mostly out of scope

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Didn't think to read the docs for go-fed (golang library for activitypub), but wow, that is the most extensive doc I've seen on implementing activitypub-compliant applications, regardless of actual programming language (though obviously more useful for go)

Now I'm kinda inspired to write a library like that, but for rust

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ok I'm gonna give up on async rust for now until it stabilizes and libraries have caught up. it's too confusing using multiple libraries that use different futures/tokio versions

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Was wondering why the videos were showing up in the element inspector but not accessible via js, and turns out it's because they were in an iframe.

And thanks to this, I've learned you can set the context of the js console to be a specific iframe

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Everyone has to watch one of those online training courses about harassment in the workplace (the site tracks when you've completed it)

They have a bunch of protections on the page to prevent right-clicking and speeding up the videos, but it was pretty easy to set the video speed in the javascript console

After a weekend of attempting, I have concluded that writing async rust code still sucks at the moment since not everything is using the standard library futures yet.

Using the compatibility shims between 0.1 and 0.3 futures causes a lot of weirdness and subtle bugs

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v1.4.7d に更新したよ。 通常認証とコード認証を1つのクライアントIDで使うことができなくなっちゃってたから、改めてコード認証用にアプリを登録したんだ。コード認証は通常認証が使えないときのための機能だから、困った時のために覚えておいてね。

got http signatures working, woooo

there's an existing rust crate that does it too, but depends on `ring` which causes dependency heck. the one I wrote just uses openssl because I'm using it for key generation anyway

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