listening to community/college radio is also aikatsu

asks what is the OP to your life? Kira Power would be a good choice as it was the OP when I REALLY got into Aikatsu, or Bouken Desho Desho from Haruhi, which was my gateway anime, almost 10 years ago.

time to listen to some goddamn anime songs

My radio show is about to start on 107.9FM (around Crewe and Nantwich) and on - I play anisongs and talk about them.

Setting up tonight's and pondering my own question to the listeners of "What is the anime opening to your life?" one that defines you. Can't think of my own answer to that...

Jen and Andy (I think) trying to pronounce "Penguindrum"… That was a thing. #NekoDesu

#Rewrite is by Key, and Ryukishi07 was one of the writers. [Spoilers] is to be expected. :-P #NekoDesu

Have a listen to on if you're interested ^_^

Starting my radio show with the latest opening to Aikatsu Stars "STARDOM!"

#WoollyWeek is on, so I placed my #NekoDesu votes last week. Usually I'd upvote others' requests, but I can't do that this time.

Oh, much of the first half-hour of #NekoDesu was silence, apparently. Didn't miss much, then. ^^;

Welp, fell asleep and missed #DoctorWho, #Casualty /and/ the first half-hour of #NekoDesu. (>_<) Tuned in to find Peter talking about Mastodon. Spreading the word~. Need to listen to the start later.

Broadcasting on and 107.9FM over Crewe and Nantwich "Anime Music with a Human Presenter"