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Aikatsu Friends episode 14 subs out! Amazing episode with Maika and Ema, totally redeemed the scriptwriter Hisao Ayumu in my eyes and elevated him to the level of the others. The best parts are all the role reversals pulled off, and just how distinct Honey Cat is compared to the rest

That i☆Ris part of the concert was amazing! Also very brief meeting with @bitmap and @lae ! And again also, very great fanbook with art from @cheshii ! Plus a random meeting with Miyu-tan and Zucchan! Whoa!

Aikatsu Friends 13 subs out! Sorry it's so late, but running a conference took a lot out of me. I've at last found my favorite Friends. Karen's life and Aikatsu philosophy resonate so strongly with me, both about competing only with oneself and about spreading love. Her song also saved me when I was about to collapse from exhaustion. May she continue to be an angel.

Aikatsu Friends episode 12 subs out. I thought it was average and just too much yuri at the expense of all else. But more importantly, this line is nonsense. You're telling me Mio forgot about their camping trip and has never had an overnight job before?

Aikatsu Friends episode 11 subs out. There were way too many flashbacks, but everything else was pretty great.

Aikatsu Friends ep 10 subs! It was really quite impressive how Maika and Ema came together, and how it all came back to the master of friends, Aine. Also I probably meant youkan last post, not anko... 餡子と羊羹を間違えてごめんね

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If Nana is also Moroboshi Sumire and the plan was for her to sing as a Vtuber this entire time, I'm going to give her all my money

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Aikatsu Friends ep 09 subs out! Aine goes full Akari this time, but even so, you need to chill out, mint2018-san. You're not supposed to say that sort of stuff without a コンプラ warning.

Aikatsu Friends episode 8 subs. They went though all the effort of making this lovely cut with Maika and Ema looking over Mio, but then only have it there for like two frames. Hopefully in the future we'll have all of them in the macaron coords at least

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Aikatsu Friends episode 07 subs out. Lots of travel and seeing old friends over the weekend made this late, but it was probably pretty appropriate to this series, so I'm sure it's fine

The sun just barely peeked out before sunset, and there's a double rainbow with lightning behind it! I tried to get a good pic, but lightning is kind of fast

Friends episode 06 subs out! I only seemed to realize once I was finished making these, but Ema may just turn out to have the support spirit of this season. If she is, she wouldn't be the first blonde to do it