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Aikatsu Friends ep 23 subs out! God what a good episode, despite all expectations. Also I figured out the likely culprit of the entry form error. It was probably a straight up typo, and should have said the 10th or something. That's the only thing I can believe

So the entry deadline is September 1st but the event is on the 13th? So you're saying two full weeks passed during the commercial break? Get your heck together, Aikatsu staff


Aikatsu Friends episode 22 subs out! This is the 300th episode of Aikatsu! Congratulations!

First image: Episode 20, aired 8/23, moon phase matches about 8/23 also so it checks out
Second image: Episode 22, aired 9/6, moon phase matches roughly 8/24 or 9/22. I would say this is fine, except that episode 21 comes in between. Either this happens at the same time as episode 20 and thus before 21, or it happens way later this month. Why, Aikatsu animators or storyboarders

Friends episode 21 subs! Absolutely awesome episode! Thank you Kakihara Yuuko!

Nana episode 4 subs! Did anyone see her at the event?

Aikatsu Friends ep 20 subs out. Man, all these choices in Aikatsu lately. Why not both?

By the way, they fixed the moon phase this episode

Isn't that Yumekawa Yui on the left?

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First of all, the moon does not change over the last three episodes. It should currently be a waxing crescent (lit on the right side), not still a waning one. Moreover, this particular moon can only appear at sunrise, not sunset (it appears at both even in this one episode)

Aikatsu Friends ep 19 subs out. I have some issues with this one, which I'll cover in a minute

Aikatsu Friends ep 18 subs out. Maika being scared and embarrassed and cute was great and all, but I really liked the hints of [secret character] and the very last few seconds before the ED way more. I'm hype for this incredibly unique Friends that seems to be on their way

Aikatsu Friends ep 17 subs out! Sakuya is so cute! Even though the audition made zero sense, they were all still amazing! There's so much more I want to learn about her, and I'm excited to find out!


Virtual Aituber Nana 02 subs out. I'd put the warning to watch this after episode 16, but whoever's up on this is probably up on Friends too

Thanks for the bingo, @walfie . Now I can see exactly how much people love me

Aikatsu Friends ep 16 subs out. A very solid Kakihara episode. And don't be fooled by what may seem obvious—it is indeed different