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Pixiv have kindly shared their Mastodon deployment tips & tricks

@lae @Gargron Interesting read! Thank you for the translation! I wonder how much all of that is costing them...

@cs @lae They are hosting Pixiv, so unlikely more than that eh

@lae @Gargron

Wow! Thank you for translating our article!! Let's boost up the Mastodon together

@pixiv @Gargron ah, I'd prefer it if you could boost the original toot instead of this reply lol

@lae @Gargron The "Contributing to Mastodon" section means:
We tried to improve mastodon server by infrastructure aspect, but sometime we can achieve better result by improving code instead of adding more servers. In pixiv multiple engineer create pull request for improvement.

@ikeji Oh I already updated this, I was in a rush so originally left it in Japanese when I tooted it.